Over the last 40-years, Mr. Winer has represented clients in a variety of civil lawsuits and appeals.  Some, but not all, of his specialized areas of litigation are: contracts; personal and business torts, declaratory actions regarding statutes, ordinances, administrative rules, contracts, and deeds; injunctive actions; United States Constitutional law; civil rights; governmental and administrative law; real estate litigation including challenges to property tax assessments; corporate and partnership litigation; American Indian law; and, civil racketeering cases.

Key Cases

  • Won one of the first cases in the United States establishing American Indian tribe’s rights to provide gambling on their reservations regardless of state laws prohibiting it.
  • Reached multi-million-dollar settlement in an 11-year old civil rights case, with 4-appeals, involving government’s agents murdering African -American accident victim who was having a seizure.
  • Won one of the largest reductions of property taxes in Florida at that time involving 10-acres of ocean front property.
  • Won $1,000,000 million-dollar punitive damage award against a bank in the early 1980′s for illegally confiscating the client’s bank account.
  • Prevailed in Federal Court for declaration that Florida’s second-hand dealer’s statute violated U. S. Constitution and helped legislators draft substitute statute to comport with the Constitution’s guidelines.
  • Won appeal in New Zealand’s highest court establishing women’s right to sue for misdiagnoses regardless of the Accident Compensation Corporation Act’s prohibition against personal injury suits.
  • Successfully defended New Zealand Receiver in its highest court facing personal, multi-million-dollar exposure.  Issue there, as with many of his cases, involved statutory construction.